Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zinc a vital mineral......Billions of humans may be zinc deficient! Are you?

Zinc - a vital mineral used in many bodily functions.

Trace elements only, are needed by our bodies but if we fail to maintain a sufficient trace level of Zinc in our bodies we will suffer.

Like all minerals we should be able to get sufficient Zinc to maintain good body function from the food we eat. Unfortunately food grown in Zinc deficient soil WILL be Zinc deficient itself. If we eat Zinc deficient food WE WILL BE ZINC's that simple!

What is modern soil like? As I have mentioned before modern intensive farming, pollution and the incessant processing of our food reduces the mineral content, including zinc to deficient levels.

Symptoms of Zinc deficiency:

There is quite a long list. It's amazing the things this "trace mineral" gets involved in.

Skin, Hair and Nail problems including but not limited to:
Wound healing, acne, eczema, hair loss, weak and blotchy nails

Eating disorders, including loss of appetite and general metabolism

Loss of taste & smell

Sex drive impairment

Low fertility

Possible pregnancy complications

Menstrual cycle disruption

Immune system impairment

Link to Diabetes and Arthritis

Zinc deficiency has also been linked to behavioural problems

This is not an exhaustive list and as you know the medical field is constantly shifting in its opinions. Suffice to say that Zinc is very important and if we are zinc deficient we will suffer to some degree.

There are a number of ways to test whether you are zinc deficient from a "Home Taste test" involving zinc sulphate in water to more complex laboratory tests your Doctor should be able to advise on.

If you think you might be zinc deficient you will first of all NOT be alone and secondly you should get tested.

A good Mineral supplement that includes Zinc could be all you need for better health.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food - as a noun - overused and little understood!

Hi, just a quickie!

On the back of my last post regarding "The food we eat is killing us" - I should have included this little detail.

According to the noun "food" is defined as:

any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.
I don't know about you but based upon that definition much of what appears in stores these days would struggle to qualify as real FOOD.
Also remember, when you search for natural foods high in mineral content such as Broccoli, Spinach etc etc these foods are good sources of minerals - IF - they are grown in mineral rich soil.
No plant can make, synthesize or magically contain minerals - THEY ALL HAVE TO ABSORB THEM FROM THE SOIL THEY ARE GROWN IN - If the soil is mineral depleted - the plant and hence your food will be also.
Most soil IS MINERAL DEPLETED thanks to intensive farming, no crop rotation, search for high yields and general profit making greed.
Can you afford to be mineral deficient?
I am working on some posts regarding conditions that can develop as a result of specific mineral deficiencies - Should be interesting.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Why the food we eat is killing us!

Please do me, yourself and your family a favour - the next time you go to the grocery store for a weeks worth of food shopping take a good look at the contents of your shopping kart before you checkout. As you look ask yourself this:

"Is the food I buy and feed my family with, mostly in its natural state or is it evident that most of the food I buy and feed my family with in a state that is far far removed from nature?"

I believe this to be a vital question. You go to your fruit and veg section in your local grocery store and there you are most likely to see food in its most natural state (there are issues here - such as the soil and conditions under which the food was grown, but that we will discuss in another article). The Broccoli looks like it should, the tomatoes are plain to see, the fruits smell good etc etc.

Now take a look at the rest of the store - probably the fruit and veg space is about 10-15% of the total space set aside for foods. That means that 80-90% of the foods available for your to purchase and feed your family are some way away from their natural state. The chances are that a similar split between natural and unnatural lies in your shopping kart!

How serious is that? Should we be concerned?

Firstly it is established fact that we as humans are made up of elements found in the earth - 100% - we are natural, what exists in your garden soil is the building blocks for the human body. Next consider this vital fact:

Our blood is replaced every ninety days, our soft tissue every three years and our bone every seven years.

Yes our bodies are continually being renewed. Now if our bodies consist of the elements of the earth what do you think is needed for this continual replacement and maintenance program to be successful?.....It isn't that difficult to grasp is it? If we want to have our blood cells, soft tissue cells and bone cells replaced with strong healthy blood cells, soft tissue cells and bone cells then we need to provide our bodies with the base materials it needs to build these strong healthy cells.

I recommend you read that paragraph a few times to make sure it is remembered - I believe this is probably the most basic tenant of good health today - remember I am no scientist or doctor but I think sometimes common sense can be useful!

So back to the Grocery store. You have a massive choice of processed, frozen, freeze dried, chemically altered, reconstituted and otherwise human manipulated food stuffs to chose from. Most of these were originally natural products. Somewhere along the line the human decided that he could perhaps improve upon them or somehow make them more appealing and more profitable by tampering with them.

Think of a simple apple, grown in an apple orchard out in the countryside under the blue skies, sunshine and rain. Grown in good soil. That simple apple has grown and developed using extremely complex science that we humans do not yet fully understand. It has, through processes that are a mystery to me, absorbed goodness from the soil and presented it to us in the appealing form of a delicious apple. The same we can say for all the natural processes used by plants to present the foods we really need. The foods found in that small 10-15% of the grocery store.

Now consider the humble cookie or biscuit. The basic ingredients would probably include some flour, water, butter, sugar etc. The trouble is even those basic ingredients have been "refined" or put through any number of processes, again the details are a mystery to me, but not to the guy who works at the large biscuit factory located on the edge of the city. What happens to the goodness and nutrition, naturally found in grains when the are refined? Up to 70-80% of mineral content is removed - vital minerals that our bodies needs and can easily absorb. The label may say the flour has been refined and "fortified" - that probably means that some minerals and vitamins have been "put back in" but often in a form that makes it very difficult for the body to absorb.

That's just the flour, I do not have the time or space to discuss the other natural ingredients and what has happened to them. Wait until we get to the preservatives and other incredibly difficult to pronounce stuff we humans insist on stuffing into this sugar coated poison that is somewhat loosely called "food"! - that will be the subject of another article.

You get the picture though! If we want to give our bodies what they need in order to carry out the ongoing process of repair and replacement that enables us to keep functioning with health and vitality we MUST eat the right food.

Please carefully review the contents of your Kart before you check out. Please, consider spending a little more time and money in the fresh fruit and veg section where you can easily tell what is what and spend a LOT less time and money in the rest of the store where the contents of the brightly coloured merchandise is any ones guess.

Please remember that processed dead food is now making up the large majority of the westerner's diet. Is there any mystery to the huge obesity problems, the diabetes problems and so many other nutrition related conditions that afflict the average family that spend most of their food shopping time in the 80% of the store selling "mystery contents, pretending to be food"?

Yes the food we eat is killing us because it is NOT food. It is not so easy to change our diet and thinking because much of the processed stuff contains addictive sugars, salts etc. These seam to create a craving is us for more of the same garbage - we have to go through a period of cold turkey to beat these cravings but when we do...Wow! the Mangoes, the Watermelons, the Avacadoes.....they all taste so good - and that s just what your tongue is telling you....think of our your blood, soft tissue and bones feel!

One last look at your kart before check out.

In the meantime give your body the boost it needs to get that replacement and repair process back on track - Visit Today - "What your body needs"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Osteoporosis - what can you do to prevent and reverse porous / brittle bones?

Here is some interesting information I have found on a condition that affects so many women - Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis affects millions of people, most often post menopausal women. Osteoporosis is defined as porous bones - the bone structure becomes porous and brittle, leading to easy breakage and fracture. This process of the bones becoming porous is due to deficiency of minerals in the bones, the main mineral concerned being Calcium.

Something I have never really asked or pondered too deeply is this - Why do the bones suddenly lack mineral content? Often a diet rich in Calcium is prescribed - Milk etc but this is confusing as often people with Osteoporosis drank plenty of milk anyway. Also the US has one of the highest intakes of Dairy and dairy products of any nation in the world and yet it has one of the highest rates of Osteoporosis. Something is not right here.

So I do some more digging and guess what I find - It is all to do with minerals and diet. The more I research the more I find that seemingly diet and in particular getting the nutrients we need from our diet is "the BIG thing" when it comes to health. We do not, it appears, suffer conditions and illnesses because we have a lack of pharmaceutical made chemicals in our bodies - therefore taking endless chemicals produced in smoking factories by multi billion dollar businesses is NOT the answer - at least not the only answer and not the complete answer.

The conditions and diseases we suffer are often linked to our Diet - and in ways we often do not think of. For example - Osteoporosis - One of the main reasons for porous bones is that our bodies RELEASE minerals, stored in bones, along with ammonia, stored in muscles. WHY would our own bodies do such a thing?

To answer that question we need to more fully understand the role of Minerals in our bodies. It is quite simple really - Minerals act as a buffer to protect the body from becoming overly ACIDIC. So our bodies are ingeniously designed to PROTECT us from ourselves.

As I have found out in previous research, an Acidic body is unhealthy, disease prone and painful. Cancers love to grow in a poorly oxygenated acidic environment, all kinds of diseases love this acidic home. To protect us the body desperately scrambles to get its hands on something to neutralise the acid and return the body to its more natural, healthy, pH neutral or slightly ALKALINE state.

This acid beating superhero is or are Minerals. Now what in our bodies is a good source of minerals? Bones!
There you have it - Bones depleted mineral content, leading to porous / brittle bones is often due, at least in part to our bodies being overly acidic and our good old bodies working hard to neutralise this dangerous acid.

Of course the next question has to be:

Why are we so Acidic? We are born, under normal circumstances, slightly Alkaline and appear to become more and more acidic as we grow older - hence the increasing rate of disease and chronic conditions through middle and old age.

Well to answer this problem we have to repeat the often used phrase - "You are what you eat".

That will be the subject of my next post - in a couple of days - "Why the food we eat is killing us" - please come back and check in on some suggestions to Alkalize for life.

In the meantime please check out my website - for more information on the amazing value of the Mineral superheroes - check at the bottom of this blog site for a full list of the contents of Life Leader Minerals or on the website above

Can you afford to be mineral deficient?